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Created from the passion for good food and tradition, all our products are made and designed in Italy, in the province of Vicenza, where they are then tested on a large scale every year in various events both in Italy and abroad.

Our barbecue line, in fact, was created from the need to have a practical, long-lasting and quality product to be able to serve traditional Venetian dishes to thousands of people. The history of our barbecues is intertwined with the tradition of the area, the exaltation of typical flavours, and the reliability of an all-Italian quality.

Each of the materials chosen for our products is made in Italy and thus allows us to provide you with a product that will last over time. Our barbecues are, in fact,  perfect for high temperatures and for intensive use. Moreover, they will give you the opportunity to cook for your family and friends with the passion and the equipment of a great chef thanks to certified materials combined with Tecno Metal Carpen’s innovation.

For these reasons, Scintilla is chosen by restaurateurs and event organisers. Only the size will differ between your barbecue and the one you would see at the restaurant or at your favourite food event. From the beginner to the professional chef, the quality will always be the same for all of our customers: indeed, our premium Italian excellence is the soul and essence of every Tecno Metal Carpen product. 

Not only our barbecues will provide you with the opportunity to cook your favourite food with the flavour that only slow cooking on the grill can give, but it will also be a choice of style and design: Scintilla will decorate your garden like no other, with its modern and yet elegant Italian style, and the comfort and versatility of its practical wheels. In addition, all the barbecues of our standard line are equipped with a built-in food warmer.

Our barbecues are for everyone. They are available in various sizes, colours, styles, and you can customise your barbecue with the accessories of your choice such as grills, or our renowned spit kit.

We are proud, and above all certain, of the quality of our barbecues because they have been designed, built and tested by people who take good food and efficiency at heart.


For over thirty years, Tecno Metal Carpen has worked in the metallurgical industry with a focus on laser cutting which allows us to carry out any processing on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, ensuring precision, efficiency, punctuality, and the craftsmanship that only a team of experts would guarantee.

We take care of your projects from start to finish thanks to our innovative machines and our first-class expertise in laser cutting, bending, milling and drilling, pressing, welding, and bending. We also offer painting services for your projects.

Our company has always been an integral part of the Vicenza and Veneto industrial area and has always worked in harmony with the environment. For this reason, Tecno Metal Carpen has fully embraced an eco-friendly style of work using the clean energy of our photovoltaic panels.

We are always open to the needs and the ideas of our customers and we provide services tailored to your projects,  helping you to bring them to life.


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