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A new, effective, intelligent, and safe way of cooking: Scintilla Eco Star has arrived.

This brand new barbecue allows you to cook on the grill without being exposed to the direct heat of the fire. The loading and unloading of the wood are posterior, allowing you to maintain the fire active without having to pass over the cooking food: safe and hygienic.

In fact, not only will you avoid unpleasant burns, but any residues of dirt from the wood will not come into contact with the meat and vegetables that you will serve your friends and family.

In black painted steel, the elegant Scintilla Eco Star is the perfect piece of furniture to give an extra touch of style to your outdoor space. Moreover, this model, like all TMC Scintilla products, is equipped with practical wheels to be moved anywhere and a lateral worktop to support everything you need.

This item is shipped in a practical assembly kit with a cooking grill and a grill rake.

For a quote or further information, do not hesitate to contact us!


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