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Our new pizza oven has finally arrived in the Scintilla family! Ideal for the nice weather, this pizza oven will allow you to give an extra touch of dolce vita vibes to your evenings with friends.
Entirely “Made in Italy”, our stainless steel pizza oven has been created to last over time. 
Thanks to its generous 80x80cm cooking surface, you will be able to prepare several pizzas and bruschettas at the same time.

Not just a pretty face, our pizza oven is extremely practical, easy to use, and safe: with 4cm of insulation, you won't have to fear getting burnt

Some important numbers:

  • Maximum height: 200cm

  • Maximum width: 98cm

  • Maximum length: 111cm

  • Oven entrance width: 60cm

  • Maximum oven entrance height: 25cm

  • Cooking surface: 80x80cm

  • Insulation: 4 cm of glass wool

  • Weight: 150kg

  • Number of pizzas at the same time: 5

  • Bread capacity: 4kg

  • Maximum temperature: 400 °C / 752 °F

  • Time to reach temperature: 15 minutes

Our pizza oven will arrive in a practical and simple mounting kit.

Should you need any accessories, our pizza set is what you are looking for: two pizza peels and a brush to become a professional pizzaiolo!

For a quote or further information, do not hesitate to contact us!

2.4 scintilla pizza 3.4 dx lo.png
2.5 scintilla pizza fronte bocca forno lo.png

Scan the QR Code for more info in Italian or click here for English. 

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