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You asked and we listened: all the quality of our pizza oven in a smaller format.

Alike its big brother, this pizza oven is completely made of stainless steel, created to last over time. 

Thanks to its more compact size, it is ideal for any outdoor space in your home: no matter whether you have a large garden or a simple terrace, this oven is perfect for you.
With a 80x60cm hob, you can cook up to four pizzas at the same time. Moreover, thanks to its modest weight you can easily move it wherever you need it! 

But it doesn't stop there: you can also use our oven to bake cakes, bread, cook fish and meat. Unleash your imagination!

Here are the measurements of our pizza oven:

  • Maximum height: 96cm

  • Maximum width: 76cm

  • Maximum length: 92cm

  • Weight: 80Kg

  • Number of pizzas at a time: 4

  • Maximum temperature: 450 ° C

  • Time to reach temperature: 20 minutes

Our pizza oven is equipped with a metal sheet to contain the logs, a chimney with a register for adjusting the smoke draft, a stainless steel door with 2 wooden handles, and a thermometer that allows you to monitor the internal temperature.

In addition, a professional set with two pizza peelsan oven rake, and a brush can be purchased separately.

For a quote or further information, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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