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Our new Scintilla Easy is a perfect combination of practicality and minimalist design.

Made in corten steel, Scintilla Easy is designed for remaining  outdoors all year round: Corten steel, in fact, protects itself from corrosion through the formation of a protective film to prevent the progressive spread of corrosion. This protective film slightly varies in shade over time, always remaining in the typical brown shades. 

Equipped with a spacious and modern compartment for wood, Scintilla Easy  is equipped with a chromed cooking grid with practical removable handles, four levels of placement for the cooking grid, steel barrier to protect you from the heat, a removable front shelf, a brazier,  and an oven's rack. 

It is possible to load the wood from the sides and from the back..

As an option, it is possible to install practical wheels to move it easily. 
A second grid can be purchased separately. 


  • Scintilla Easy measurements:

  • Width: 69cm   Depth: 66cm   Height: 194cm

  • Fire opening

  • Width: 65cm   Height: 50cm

  • Cooking Grid:

  • Length: 64cm    Depth: 38cm + 15cm for the removable handles

  • Front shelf:

  • Length: 21.5cm    Depth: 62cm  

  • Wood compartment: 

  • Width: 65cm   Depth: 65cm   Height: 66cm


For a quote or more information, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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