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Scintilla Tango, like the famous Argentine dance, is a one-of-a-kind barbecue.

Straightforward, easy to use, simple to move and fully customizable. You decide how to complete it, choosing between planchas, grids, side shelves with a built-in bottle opener, a lid to store all the accessories and much more!

Scintilla Tango has an Argentinian heart: the focal point of this new barbecue is in fact the typical Argentine hanging grill. Fully adjustable, you can turn it 360° to cook your meat perfectly!

This barbecue comes with a grilla special plancha with a resealable hole to place cast iron pans, two handles that becomes two shelves, one built-in bottle opener, a circular log burner, an oven rake, two handles to move the planchas and the grids without having to touch them.

The Argentine grill, always included, is equipped with a tray to collect juices from the meat and to facilitate cleaning. 

Made entirely in high temperature painted steel, the accessories are instead made of stainless steel: a perfect mix to ensure professional quality.

A lid to close everything can be purchased separately. 

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